Memorial Day

The price of freedom is never free. Freedom is fostered through responsibility for our actions.

"Liberty is free, soldiers sacrifice daily, freedom for duty" - a haiku poem I wrote in the Army.

People think that freedom means the ability to do whatever we want without consequence. To live without regard, as though we can trot along like wild, uncivilized brutes and still somehow tap into the core of our potential as human beings.


Recently, I saw a wonderful clipping from "The View." I am not a TV watcher. Never have been, not since childhood really. Truth be told, I just find it a misuse of time to sit and watch TV all day. However, I do love movies. I am so glad that YouTube exists because I subscribe to all those channels of information and entertainment I am interested in and then when I can spare 10 minutes or so here or there, I just watch the clips that tend to be the best part of a given show anyway. Meghan McCain asked LeVar Burton what he thought about "cancel culture." Mr. Burton so eloquently responded, "I think it is that we are in 'consequence culture' now."

What is primarily wrong with our society is a failure to demand that people are 100% responsible for their actions or choices. That is what happened with as Whoopi Goldberg says, "you know who." He was coddled his whole life, and his parents enabled him, sparing him from the consequence of his behavior, and look at what a monster he turned out to be. The best thing that could happen in America is that he is indicted and convicted, his children, too, and anyone else involved in their lawless, brazen criminality. Actions bear consequences.

As a parent of two adults sons, one bound by the disease of drug addiction, I made such mistakes, and was a classic enabler. To all parents I offer, do not enable your children ever. When they screw up, as inevitably they will, do not bear the consequence of their actions. No matter what guilt trip they try to put on you. Children are very smart and very manipulative. Teach your children responsibility for their actions. Don't try to save them, bail them out or cover for them ever. For if you do, you are creating a monster, and actually causing more harm than good in both the short-term and the long-run. This is the meaning of "spare the rod and spoil the child." Teach your child that responsibility for their behavior is the only real freedom.

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