Law of Life

Ten simple rules to follow for a life well-lived: The 8 don'ts, and the 2 do's. Too easy, right?

If you are like me, then you think Moses was inspired by God, aka Consciousness, in the same way that all creative acts are inspired, and that the voice of God was really Moses' voice.

Social order can only be maintained in life when we respect the boundaries in place, the law of the land, as it were. When we regard the 10 Rules of Life as sacred, and as a necessary pact between people that renders our human experience a beautiful endeavor that fosters a spirit of kinship, we will then truly love our neighbors as ourselves.


I have spent my entire lifetime deeply enmeshed in biblical text, literally, since the age of six. I have always sought to understand the meaning of the Bible and its significance in life in general, and also in present times. I do not subscribe to notions of an anthropomorphic deity who takes on a masculine tone of authoritarianism. This is the part of the Bible that is mythical. The mythology uses figurative language that conveys deeper truths within the context of a powerful narrative. I love literature and learning. Currently, I am undertaking graduate studies in ancient and classical history because I want to revisit concepts from history and glean new insight and perspective about the thought-forms that gave rise and shape to the modern world.

It remains quite interesting to me that the basis of law in Western society, and also globally, is predicated upon these 10 Statements that "God" spoke into being. It is equally fascinating to me that without fail, one may see that everything that is wrong with our world can be linked to doing the eight things we are advised not to do, and not doing the 2 things we are advised we should do. Moreover, God, or rather Moses, only gave these 10 edicts as necessary for maintaining social justice. Positive human relations are necessary for optimal living conditions.


The Sabbath is considered a holy day because it is the day we rest in being and take time out from our busy lives to honor creation, thus God. It is the rest between the beats. Ideally, we should live in this present-centered state of mind at all times. However, one should take at least one day a week to rest and relax and cease from their toil. And to honor the beauty of being.

Honoring one's parents has to do with respect. We cannot have meaningful relationships of any sort without the basis of the relationship resting upon the foundation of respect. If people do not respect their parents, it is likely they will also not respect laws, customs or other people.


If God, Consciousness, is the source of life from whence we all come and in which we all abide, then staying focused on priorities and being present in this knowing is key. When we identify with the ego, we go after things that remove us from awareness of the source of being. These things become our idols or other gods, as it were. From religion to sex to fame, et al.

We must always strive to be good human beings. A challenge without end. Our actions are our word. Hypocrisy is what it means to take God's name in vain. Don't profess to be a leader and then not live up to the demands that are required from a leader. If people are in positions of authority, they must do the right things, and control their appetites as well as their actions.

No one has the right to take another person's life. The only time killing is warranted is in the act of self-defense. Whenever a malevolent force intends harm against one, a human being has the moral obligation to defend his or herself. Life is creation, and creation is sacred, thus, life is sacred. The cycle of life flows from breath-to-breath, that is, from our first breath to our last, and this is what defines the person we are. Otherwise, we are a potential or a memory.

To commit adultery is to show that you are a person that cannot be trusted. No relationship can thrive, or even exist outside the realm of trust, which is a requisite of relationship. Committing adultery is cheating someone from the bond of union that is theirs through deceit. The betrayal is like a murder. It kills the bonds of trust, friendship, closeness and intimacy that make a relationship between two people sacred, and set apart from all other relationships. The oneness of a union is like the oneness of God, and this oneness is what creation is about.

If you steal from others, you violate their sacred space and show that you have no regard for human life because you take what is not yours. Lying about other people is a form of theft. It may cost them their livelihood, their freedom, their family, and it is also a form of character assassination, which is murder. You can't be kind to your neighbor if you are secretly lusting after what is theirs. This indicates you have malicious intent and therefore are a person who not only cannot be trusted, but who does not have any respect for boundaries that render human relationships possible. When you covet, or want what others have, you show deep ingratitude for your own life and gifts and you are more likely to transgress boundaries.

One need not be religious, neither Jewish nor Catholic, or any other religion in order to benefit from following these 10 rules. One need not believe in God, unless of course, one understands that God is another name for Consciousness. The law of life fosters a climate for a cohesive human ecology to subsist within. Contrarily, the man-made biblical rules create systemic injustice and marginalize people by fostering an exclusionary, binary world of black and white. If everyone followed these 10 simple rules, what a wonderful world it would be.

Respect and trust are the basis for a healthy human society, without which only chaos ensues.

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