I Stand with Israel

Nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more. Isaiah 2:4

Photographer: Ruth Hochman. © 4/27/05 - All rights reserved. Location: Then Gaza, Israel

Hamas is a terrorist organization who gained control over Gaza by bastardizing Democracy and being voted into power. They maintain a stronghold over the Palestinians, an oppressed people, who live in squalor, and a poverty so unimaginable that their lives are unbearable.

The Arab People's of the Middle East both created and perpetuate the conditions which continue to constrain the Palestinians, subjecting them to lives of hopelessness and despair.

Using the Palestinians as pawns serves the narrative of religious and political ideologues who deny the existence of Israel. As though if one tells a lie long enough, eventually it will be accepted as truth. From myth to cult to religion to gospel goes the journey of beliefs perpetuated for power.


Hamas creates the pretext to animate the world-body against Israel, and assaults Israel, launching bombs that terrorize innocent people. When Israel responds in self-defense, as any sovereign nation is so obligated, and when Palestinians die, who have been purposely sacrificed at the altar of their terrorist warlords, the world-body rails against Israel instead of Hamas. If a person is bullied their whole life and then learns the art of war, and in turn becomes great at defense, and in fact quite capable of lethal defense. Then when a bully comes along next time and gets pummeled accordingly, they don't get to cry and accuse the victim of blame. It is all a sadistic marketing ploy. Why has no one condemned Hamas.

Under no condition will a Biden administration condemn Israel. The fanatic liberals can cry and whine all they want. Their view is limited and skewed and over-reactive, highly emotive, and they are operating from a platform of limited information. It's like taking one piece of a puzzle and mistaking it for the whole picture. Indeed, my heart breaks for the Palestinians, too. But it is not Israel who has condemned them to lives of misery in Gaza, which conceivably is the Capitol of Palestine. I had the great fortune of living in Israel in 2004-2005. In April 2005, I participated in a solidarity march about 15,000 people strong in Gaza, Neve Dekalim to be precise, which means an Oasis of Palms. Then Prime Minister Ariel Sharon gave up Gaza in an act of appeasement in order to move along the "peace process." As a result, many Jews were bulldozed from their homes and were displaced, literally homeless in their own land, spread out throughout all of Israel. My friends and I sat and talked with Settlers, sand dunes plotted nearby, mortar rockets flying overhead. Soon after that trip, Gaza was cordoned off to all Jews. Everyone save for Palestinians or military personnel no longer had access to Gaza.

Indeed, there is a problem in Israel internally with religious ideologues who also oppress the country. Namely, the Orthodox. Because of their stronghold on Israeli society, in more ways than one, Israel mirrors more of a theocracy than a democracy. While these issues do bleed into one another, they are in fact separate. It is crucial not to conflate contexts and blur them. Moreover, it would behoove the Biden administration to take heed of the lesson. Just as Hamas seized power in Gaza by being voted in. America is currently under siege by ideologues who are out-of-touch with reality and truth, and who for the sake of power, have completely surrendered to a deranged lunatic's circus side-show. This cult party is now working overtime to fix the next vote in an attempt to seize power in America and maintain their stronghold over an old world of ideas that no longer have relevance in a more cultivated, evolved and civil society. A just and noble world is not a novel concept. The beauty of God, and the story of humanity precedes doctrine and dogma and it is not the domain of any one people, but rather, the inalienable right of all human beings in every place. The vision of a united world has long been the hope of the Jewish people, but not just for the Jews, for the whole of humanity.

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