Highest Purpose

To be at one with All That Is. A daily prayer of intention to manifest a life well-lived.

Our lives are a passing phase through the time-space continuum, here one moment, and gone the next. But who are we really? And is the person we really are living in the fullness of being?

We may find the predicaments into which we were born to be unfavorable, unfair, unjust. Plain difficult. How we even survive the maelstrom of our fate is itself a miracle. Yet, it is precisely our difficulties that are our greatest benefactors. Because our pain informs us about the human condition.


To live a life of purpose, on purpose, is to live an awakened life, fully aware of and inhabiting consciousness of being. So that this being animates all we do, and thus we live life with intent. Still, we may wrestle with our past and trauma and our demons, that keep us from being the best version of ourselves. Caging us behind bars of self-doubt and all manner of negativity. Being the best human being we can possibly be is a daily challenge. But we are here to learn and to grow and to share our stories with one another, and in this way we elevate humanity. The highest purpose for all of us in life is to be happy and to enjoy life and to find the things in life that make us feel good about being human--not passing fancies that are momentarily good, but in the long-term wreak more havoc than joy. May you live your highest purpose. Enjoy life. #highestpurpose #affirmation #intention

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