Being Here Now

The span of our life, its breadth and depth, is ephemeral, our length of days are numbered.

The present contains the seeds of the past and the future at all times. At every moment of our human life, now is all we have. Yet, we squander what is most precious. As though we have forever. Acting without consideration for consequence. Life is fleeting. It goes by fast.

Human beings are two-legged animals, currently muzzled by the madness of being, separated from one another, which is anathema to the socialization factor that is an inherent part of being a human animal. Our folly punctuated by all the tragedies, a drama ever-unfolding, broaching the ridiculous.

The Past

It is important to become intimate with the past only for the purpose of understanding the trajectory of human experience, both individually and collectively. It is even more important to accept the challenge that is ever before us, and that is, to continually grow and improve our humanity. To endeavor to be a better human being today than we may have been yesterday. To keep cultivating our souls in the context of being here now. Biblical literature is ripe with tales of the human predicament that remain timelessly apropos. Lot's wife looked back when she left Sodom and Gomorrah and became frozen in time. Reduced to a pillar of salt. We must let go of the mind prisons that paralyze us, crippling our hope and prospects for a full life. We must be willing to move on with the unfolding narrative of passing time in our lives. Self-doubt, low self-esteem, unwillingness to evolve one's character, ideology, hate, grudges, envy, fear, the mind prisons that dare enslave us are as abundant as the salt of the earth. #beingherenow #life #time

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