A Day of Action

I am a Jew. I stand with all Jews on this day of action and always, #ActAgainstAntisemitism

It is the destiny of the Jewish people to bear witness and to serve as a "light unto the nations." Indeed, this is no small "cross" to bear. Jews are not a monolothic or xenophobic people.

To live up to the highest ideals for which humankind exists is no small task to fulfill. As representatives of these highest ideals, Jewish people have long borne the hate of those whose deeply riled resentment counters the laws of life for which the Jewish people are tasked to represent. This is why the Jewish people must live as role models and leaders, and why when we fail in this regard, we fail all of humanity, too.


To be a Jew is not to merely practice religion, if at all. To be a Jew is not to be part of any one race or culture. To be a Jew is to represent the brotherhood and sisterhood of humanity and to exemplify the colorful tapestry of human beings who are all a part of this beautiful world. To be a Jew is to be a part of a people on a path whose central place in history is to contribute to uniting the world, so that one day people of all colors and of every faith may truly live as one.

#ActAgainstAntisemitism #universality #peace #humankind

Learn more and take action here: https://www.actagainstantisemitism.org/

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