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A few photos from a lovely Sunday afternoon strolling through the Portland Japanese Garden.

Photographer: Ruth Hochman © 2021. Portland Japanese Garden - Portland, Oregon, USA

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Updated: 4 days ago

Photos of me through the years, from about 4 years old to 44 years old. Celebrate Life.

It is important to capture your life as it passes you by, to celebrate your journey on the earth.

Live life well. Give live your best each day. Live in the now. Capture your life. Celebrate you. Everyday is a special day. Dress up. Take care of yourself. Do your best to feel good.


I recently just had new photos taken [see here]. Throughout the years I have always had my portrait taken. When my boys (old men now) were little tykes, I used to take photos with my sons. Selfies are cool and fun, but getting your portrait taken and chronicling your life is crucial for archival and documenting purposes. It is good to have photos of your life experience and to see yourself as you age, and as you progress through your life journey.

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[Download photos okay with attribution: Ruth Hochman,]

Introducing my YouTube Channel. Hoping to share more video blogs or vlogs going forward.

In the process of becoming, simply be. Why wait to "arrive" to live fully. You're here now.

Hello & Welcome! I am glad to share my YouTube Channel.


From now on I plan to use my YouTube channel to post updates on my writing projects, artist life, and other thoughts, chats and discussions, etc. I hope you will join me for the journey.


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