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A story about love and loss. It made me sad and laugh. Just like life. Relatable to us all.

Photos: October 17, 2021. Diana Hochman. La Bohème. Seattle Opera #Seattle #GoSeeIt

When will men learn they will never top God?

Love and Loss

Since I was a child I was fascinated by opera. I don't know why. I think we are intrinscally who we are at birth. And of course, thereafter, many factors contribute to the character we develop over time. For as long as we are breathing, we are all a work in progress. Grow on.

After the show I went for a stroll. There is nothing I love more than walking at a leisurely pace and just taking in what I want to take in when inspired to do so. There is nothing I hate more than being rushed, that sense of urgency, and feeling of having to be any place other than exactly where I am. I really hate that. More than anything! Timelessness is more my flow.

So, on my eveyday stroll, a great meditative experience for me, I took a picture yesterday that inspired me. One of the endless cafes in Seattle offers people free food if they are hurting in life. All I could think was, wow, what a novel concept [being sarcastic]. People before profit. Imagine a world where this was true? What a wonderful world indeed. Order over chaos.

Instead of Bezos and Musk trying to flex who has the bigger d*ck. And man being boring, and predictable, always trying to control and dominate that which he never will. And doing all they can to colonize space, and in the process, f*ck the planet! They should spend money on society on this planet and building this world up so that human beings may have a quality life experience while here. Bezos grew on me a bit. Amazon does have the best customer service!

But I think his vision of creating a glass capsule in space that just floats around theoretically for eternity, while housing a million people, is the most misguided way to spend one's time and money. Bezos needs to focus on this planet and humans here. It's great he is paying for college education for his employees. That's a start. But he needs to spend money on social programs, particularly if he is not going to be paying taxes on his zillions. I'd settle for that compromise. Pay your taxes or pour the money into society on planet Earth. Ideally, both would be better. As for Musk, Mars is going to burn up just like every planet when the Sun explodes. These guys. Shaking my head. When will men learn they will never top God?

La Bohème premiered on February 1, 1896. The human foibles are timeless, unchanging.

Giacomo Puccini is the Artist. To learn more about the story of love and loss visit here.

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Men-o-pause. That time in life when we femme fatales just put damn men on pause! Feel me.

Photo: All women are creators. Like Halsey sings, "We're God." Men play a small role, too. ;)

Do your kegels. Mula bandha. Have lots of orgasms. Strive for 3 multi-orgasmic sessions weekly. For brain-body health.


I just learned from Maria Shriver's newsletter about World Menopause Day. I didn't even know there was such a thing. But it's about time we celebrate the glory of woman. That aside, Ladies, particularly you young chicks. Peep game [listen up]. So I didn't have a mum to clue me in on life, or about being a woman. I figured that out on my own. When I was 42 I had to have all my female parts removed. Men, their junk just hangs out all over the place. Women, we're fortunate. God perfected God's craft, which is why God saved the best for last. Our junk is neatly tucked inside. Sometimes, for many health reasons, it has to be removed. When this happens, you are in immediate menopause. Here's the thing! Whether it happens by way of hysterectomy or naturally, we go through some immense changes. So my best advice on that would be to eat right, exercise and virgin coconut oil. If you can forego hormonal therapies, I champion that. Because of your body and health. Still, what can alleviate the immense pain and discomfort we endure? Coconut oil is the salve before the wound. It's how God rolls. Thinks of everything. Coconut oil is a natural moisturizer for the vagina and face.

Directions: Apply generously. Reap the rewards. A little goes a long way. To your health.

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