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Thanks for stopping by. So, you want to know a bit about me. ​It's so hard to define ourselves, isn't it? I always say in the process of becoming, simply be. I am an excellent theorist, by the way. Terrible practitioner.  I call myself a writer. It's the one thing I have done consistently for the past 30 years. I once had 19 books on the market. Self-published. There's a story there. Maybe one day, far away, I may release the writings as an 'early works' to-do. But, my focus is novels. The type of novels I am writing are spy thrillers. Existential noir. I will write a few essays and short stories as part of the MFA program. But, my life's purpose is to share the story of 'Renegade Soul' with you. I think you'll love it. I hope.

What else? Plain & simple, I am a writer. I have been writing since 1995. July 1995. A vessel really has to be shattered in order for light to pass through. In order for revelation. It's a very metaphysical idea. Kabbalah. Crisis has an interesting way of initiating change. I doodled a lot before that. Since I was a kid really. Began with writing letters to relatives long distance. Reading was my escapist tool. Stories always have been. The hero's journey is the place of solace. Where hope abides. Reading was my way to cope with the pain of my childhood. Also, other forms of entertainment were prohibited to me. About 5th grade, when I read 'The Good Earth' by Pearl S. Buck, I became fascinated with the power of writers. How did 'they' do that?

I am passionate about the art of storytelling. I dream up spy stories in my spare time. True story. In fact, I am consumed with this other world I live in. The narrative unfolds in AN alternative universe called 'Ruth's World'. There are many pathways leading to many portals in Ruth's World. Renegade Soul is a universe, you could say. There are 5 phases corresponding to 5 phases of human development that unravel in this cosmic tale. 'Hardboiled' is the first book in this series. There are 5 parts to this story. But, you will have to read the books to learn what 'it' is. Or means. Or both. So, there's a lot. It's a journey. A cosmic trip. Expect your mind to bend and maybe even be reshaped. Same with the whole instrument that makes up who you are. Anyway, dive in. At your level of comfort. I will meet you half way. I'll always know which window you came through.

What else? I hold a bachelors degree in Sociology from American Public University in Charles Town, WV. It matters because I truly analyze life through a sociological-tinted lens. I really get social deviance. SME level. Just saying. What else? Oh, the thing about Ruth's World is it is a figment of my imagination. A fiction. A creation. I discovered that fiction emancipates truth. But, it's important to remind yourself that you will never know where the truth ends or begins in Ruth's World. First, let's just tackle the nature of truth and reality. That should keep us occupied for a good long time to come.

Oh, I am currently a candidate for an MFA in Creative Writing at Mount Saint Mary's University in Los Angeles. This is turning out to be an incredibly illuminating and creative time for me. I am really glad that my journey led me here. Sometimes, things have to fall apart for life to finally work in your favor. I am delighted to be a part of this program. But, I will be so glad to be done with school after this. I expect to complete my thesis December 2018. Freaking graduate school. Who'd of ever thunk it?  I am dedicating this achievement to the memory of my mother. And to encourage others to believe it is possible. I was poor, and a teenage mother, and so many other things, once. 

What else? I was born in Los Angeles on October 24, 1972. If you are into it or not, I think I am very much like a Scorpio. My birth name was Diana. Who knew? It's a long story. Ruth Hochman Blog is where I tend to share a lot of this stuff. Anyway, there is just so much. I cannot possibly utter it all in one breath. Oh, my official title is Chief Ideas Architect. C.I.A. Off-the-record, I hustle spy stories and true stories. Just... between me and you. 

Feel free to connect with me on social media. I am present. It's how I roll. No subject off-limits. Note to self: Does what I think end or begin a conversation? Keep it real.

I appreciate our connection, and I believe you will enjoy your time in Ruth's World. Oh, one last thing. For now. I am addicted to going to the movies, the whole theatre experience. And I love movie popcorn. Without butter. And tons of jalapenos. See ya around! Sooner rather than later. 


Ruth Hochman


​15 July 2017

​Los Angeles, Ca

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