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Miri Nachum ends up in a foreign country searching for love and truth. But who she ends up, is a far cry from who she was when she started out. Is she a seeker on a spiritual path to find faith, God and meaning? Or an international spy on a cosmic mission to disrupt the old-world paradigm and end patriarchal rule?

As she sets out on the hero’s journey, a most perilous path wrought with endless pitfalls, dangers and setbacks, she inevitably uncovers life’s eternal truths. And just when you think she dispels the myth, you discover that the journey has only just begun. From ecstasy-filled raves in Vegas to orgiastic dungeons in The Old City in Jerusalem, adventure awaits.

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Ruth Hochman, June 2021

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I first began to write seriously in 1995, though I have been writing since I was in grade school. Over the years I have written hundreds of poems and blog posts, a couple of children's books,     as well as several plays. I have studied theater, film, creative writing, playwriting, screenwriting, publishing and many other diverse subjects.      As a novelist, I aim to write impactful human stories that inspire, entertain and spark dialogue.

Ruth Hochman

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