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About Me

Hello! I am Ruth. Welcome to my website. I I first began to write seriously in 1995. Over the years I have written hundreds of poems, blog posts and several plays. I have studied theater, film, screenwriting, creative writing and many other diverse subjects. I am an aspiring novelist and hope to write stories that inspire, entertain and spark dialogue. Currently, I am working on a social novel about the myth of religion, mostly.

My primary interest concerns thought-forms that gave rise and shape to the modern world. Old world models like Cartesian Dualism and Monotheism are responsible for the prevailing binary social framework, and this closed mindset is the source of all human suffering and societal problems. Wherever we see inequity and injustice, we may attribute this to viewing the world in black and white terms. The current paradigm is limited to a predefined box that excludes all people with dissimilar viewpoints.

In such a social arena, the nature of hierarchy is misappropriated to perpetuate social class divisions and inequity. All lived experience occurs on a spectrum, according to scale and in gradations. A truly thriving human society is wholly dependent upon an egalitarian world wherein all people are afforded an opportunity to lead their best life. Creating the conditions for social equanimity will primarily serve to eradicate poverty. Thus, a global evolution of human consciousness is only possible when we reframe the cognitive paradigm, shifting from a mindset of dualism to a holistic, or nondual framework. This shift in cognition will transform the experience of human life.


Current Project

Dispelling the Myth

A Novel

Dispelling the Myth is a social novel about religion, conversion, misogyny, sexual assault, faith, beliefs and the search for truth. The story centers on the journey of a young woman on a religious quest to find God, meaning and the purpose of her troubled life. 

Birth of Venus

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If you would like to be in touch, please don't hesitate to reach out and tell me all about it. Best wishes, R.

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